A charming restaurant in the south of Tenerife

El Secreto de Chimiche is part of the El Cine Group, a group of restaurant businesses located in the south of Tenerife.

The small building that used to house the old Chimiche tomato packer was converted a long time ago into a restaurant that stands discreetly beside one of the roads through the foothills of Abona. Today this restaurant provides the atmosphere of peace and tranquility that is best for immersing oneself in one of the great pleasures of life, the art of good eating.

The name of the restaurant, El Secreto de Chimiche suggests privacy and discretion. In this prized location, dotted with fig trees on a landscape of prickly pear cacti and volcanic jable pumice it is well away from the tumult and traffic. This restaurant is the ideal venue for business meetings, family meals, romantic dinners and events, with a private area that keeps the same simple, fresh and elegant atmosphere found throughout the premises.

El Secreto de Chimiche specialises in the comforting, glowing embers that awaken the primordial impulses of appetite, and it excels in the elegance of evocative and creative dishes that combine tradition with modernity, tending always to return to the roots and celebrate the local harvest. There is a solid team who are passionate about good restaurant cuisine. And the ingredients from the local Chasna area are prominent, the key produce comes from this arid terrain which, at the mercy of the climate, provides the tastiest food.

Roberto Castro

With his extensive experience in restaurant cuisine and numerous awards throughout his remarkable career, Roberto Castro was the natural choice to manage El Secreto de Chimiche. You could say that his professionalism has evolved along with the growth of tourism in Tenerife. Since the 80’s he has been part of the teams running the most iconic establishments of the era, moving on to work in the restaurants that have been key in the development of quality gastronomy in the south of the island, places like El Patio, in Jardín Tropical, or more recently the M.B. restaurant, at the Abama Hotel. Thanks to his knowledge of the hospitality sector and in particular as a discerning gourmet, El Secreto de Chimiche has become a reference for excellence in customer service, with impeccable attention to detail and a deep understanding and anticipation of the tastes of its varied clientele.